Shady Business
by Robin Hawdon

Directed by John Morrison
The world premiere of Shady Business, Robin Hawdon's baudy sex farce left them gasping for air
at The Dorset Theatre Festival.

Here are some lovely photos taken by Bill Auperlee.
Jim Shankman Harry the Spanner), Erik Steele (Big Lorry)
and Dan Frick (Big Mack) have a bit of fun
Jim Shankman (Harry the Spanner), Michael MacCauley (Terry) and Dan Frick (Big Mack) have a heart to heart.
Erik Steele as Big Lorry and Jim Shankman as Harry the Spanner
go about as far as they can go.  It's every man for himself.
Big Lorry belts out "Hello, Dolly."

Yeah, it's a British gangland sex farce.
With quite a bit of Having it off and Getting it On

And Oh yes, a thousand quid has gone missing.

I played Harry the Spanner, a grotty little London loan shark
who thinks he's a lady's man.  Only that ain't a lady, is it now.