Teardown is the story of an elderly couple whose house is torn down around them when they are forced to sell but find they cannot leave.

Ben and Jenny are an elderly couple whose memories are going as they try desperately to keep a good grip on things, little things like the upkeep of the house, big things like did they have children and if so what happened to them. Maybe that’s why Jenny goes to pieces when she sees a perfectly beautiful house across the street being torn down right in front of her eyes. When Ben discovers they are utterly broke, he makes a deal with a strange and talkative contractor to sell their house as a teardown.

But Ben and Jenny find they can’t bring themselves to leave.

As their house is torn down around them, the story of their life together is slowly, with pain and joy, revealed to them. Pieces of their forgotten past come back to them in unexpected ways, including old secrets, lost loves and the children they haven’t seen in years and years.

Teardown is a play about making sense of life amid the difficulties of old age and in the face of death. Ther play has received a workshop reading at the Michael Howard Studio in New York under the direction of Michael Howard.