Quang Tri/Baghdad is the story of a Eddie, Vietnam vet whose son Gary goes to fight in Iraq. Eddie is the proprietor of a neighborhood bar on Chicago’s Northwest side, where he drinks with his four oldest friends in the world, four guys he grew up with and went to fight with in Vietnam, who know each other secrets and keep them quiet.

When Gary is accused of an atrocity furing a firefight in Baghdad, Eddie and Gary both get caught up in the moral ambiguity of the war and the attendant media circus. Eddie is forced to face up again to his actions in Vietnam, how he measured up then and how he measures up now in terms of moral courage.

Eddie steps into the ruthless media frenzy that surrounds the events of his son’s firefight and gets roughed up, but Eddie is a fighter and without realizing it is happening, Eddie gets radicalized. Instead of hiding and forgetting, he begins to remember and speak out. In the process he frees himself to free his son.