Magic Dad and the Dreams I Don’t Remember is a play about a mythically powerful father and his struggle with his resourceful wife for the soul of their son.

Simon is a mecurial man with an enormous appetite for life, which includes a fascination and struggle with death. We first meet him fighting an improbably monstrous sea creature that lives in Lake Michigan, and we discover his charismatic energy for living. His wife Celia is, in her own way, a match for her dynamic and magical husband. Their son Donny is torn between his dark destructive father and his nurturing creative mother. Donny is fascinated with his father’s battle and seems destined to fall under his demanding and spiritually dangerous spell, but Celia resists Simon’s control over Donny by turning him towards a magical, synesthetic kind of painting that creates beautiful music.

The struggle between Simon and Celia for Donny’s soul plays out against the background of Simon’s obsessive battle with his sea creature and Donny’s discovery of the meaning of that battle.