Don Lucci, aka Don Loco, is a an old man who wanders around Little Italy in his pajamas and a bathrobe talking trash and giving wild orders to assassinate his neighbors and muscle in on their businesses. Is he a crazy old coot who thinks he is a mafia don? Or is he a mafia don who is pretending to be a crazy old coot?

A mad old woman on a park bench, who may be his mother, has information which may be of use to the police. His brother, Ben, shows up at the oddest moments and dies at his feet in ever bloodier ways. An old girlfriend who is buried out in Woodlawn haunts his memory. His wife and son argue about the nature of his delusions. Or are they delusions? What is he doing with $50,000 that he keeps in a briefcase? Who is he talking to on his cellphone late at night when everyone is sleeping?

Inspired by, and departing with hallucinogenic abandon from the infamous story of Vincent, Vinnie the Chin, Gigante, a picture emerges, as Don Loco’s story plays out, of a violent man whose conscience is destroying him in ways that speak of the nature of power and its ability to damage the human soul.