Daughter of the Moon is a comic fable about a teenage girl trying to find love and sanity in a toxic world of illness and obsession.

Sixteen year old Nell is an immunological nightmare who hasn’t been out of her bedroom all summer. Suffering from a variety of chronic health issues, Nell’s life is dominated by a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder that makes her anxious and depressed. She lives on a boundary between sleeping and waking where the moon is out during the day and the sun shines at night. She dreams of being in movie musicals and going to Hollywood with her boyfriend who wants to be a stuntman, but she can’t set foot out of her bedroom to join him. Her mother is trying so hard to help she may be killing her.

Nell’s best friend tells her there is a prosecuting attorney in her head who is destroying her life and that Nell needs to hire a defense attorney to fight back. Then she runs off with Nell’s boyfriend. So Nell hires a lawyer, but he shows up drunk and exhausted, throws up in her bathroom and passes out. Together Nell and her lawyer develop a wary, therapeutic friendship and try to come to terms with the danges and disasters of their lives.

Daughter of the Moon is a play about the possibility of life and love in a hostile world and the strength we find in each other.