On Friday June 22nd at 8pm
The Michael Howard Studios Friday Night Series
White Lightning In My Heart
by Jim Shankman
A Staged Reading

Scott Louis didn't commit no heinous crime
And if he did he's got an ironclad alibi
And if he don't he pleads extenuating circumstances
Of a Highly Electrical Nature.

Steve Friedman
Maura Malloy
Brian McFadden

Jenny Neale
Joel Van Liew
Elizabeth Fountain

at The Michael Howard Studios
152 West 25th Street, 10th Floor
reservations: 212 -645-1525
$10 suggested donation

Part Two of my Shotgun Trilogy!
If Franz Kafka wrote a movie for the Coen Bros.
It might be this play.

Unconsciously (and miraculously) plagiarized from Franz Kafka's The Trial, White Lightning In My Heart tells the story of Scott Louis Beausoleil, delusional and homeless, defending his life in a Texas county courthouse for a crime he cannot comprehend.